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The Care of a Doula

Each woman has ideas of how she might imagine her birthing experience and how she would like to handle the process. As each birthing is unique and the needs of mother and family continually change as they travel through the experience, the role of the doula adjusts and evolves to support those needs.

The doula provides continuous emotional, and physical support throughout labour and early postpartum, offering non-medical care that focuses on helping mom and her partner (if she has one) move through this amazing and often intense transition. Find out more about Doula Services in Toronto…

Mindfully Preparing, Supporting, and Connecting Families in Toronto and the GTA.


What do you need to prepare for your journey? Our classes and doula care honour your unique path and individual needs. We recognize and build on your innate ways of knowing, coping, and parenting, helping you to prepare not only for the event of birth but also for the years to come.


During labour and postpartum we support birthing mom’s, partners, and family. Emotionally and physically, we are part of your team of care. We have birthing and parenting experience and knowledge, compassion and skills, to help you navigate this new phase of life.


We bring calm and connection to your birth and postpartum experience through Reiki and Craniosacral therapies, and as your family expands, we take special care in helping you adjust to new family dynamics, bond with your baby, and connect to local Toronto resources and community.